Got an idea? Let's build it together.

Want to finally turn your idea into reality? Whether your are a large corporation, small startup, or individual, we are here to help.

Your users deserve the best possible experience, wherever they go.

We want to help your business by creating experiences that your users will love. No matter which platform they prefer, we have got you covered.
Stunning app designs
We make it our mission to deliver a pixel-perfect, easy-to-use app experience to your users.
Cross-platform mobile apps
When building a mobile experience, we always have multiple platforms in mind. No one is left behind in our journey.
Agile is the only way
Our work isn't finished when you launch. We are a big fan of processes like SCRUM to keep improving the product.

Listen to your users, we do too.

We believe that mobile apps should always be built with the user in mind.
Gathering feedback
We believe it is of utmost importance to gather feedback from the people that are using your app on a daily basis.
Every user is different, which is why we use A/B tests in order to make sure we are building the best possible experience.
Flexibility is our strength
Requirements change, so do we. It is important to stay flexible and to tailor the UX according to evolving requirements and insights.

Some apps we have built.

Just some of the apps we have built in the past for our clients.
Feature packed toolbox to make the life of professional poker players easier.
Official app of De Lijn, which helps users find and use public busses in Belgium.
Companion app to the smart sim tracker. Think 'Strava for Swimmers'.

Questions that should be asked.

How can Devizer help me with my project?
We mainly focus on the actual implementation stage of a project, but have previously been involved in all facets ranging from analysis & UI/UX design, to implementation and maintenance. If you are not sure if we are a good fit, talk to us or drop us an e-mail and we are glad to take a look at your project.
How much does Devizer charge for projects?
Every project is different and we strongly believe that it is impossible to determine a fixed price that will be charged for a project. If you are curious, feel free to give us a call or drop us an e-mail. We will gladly take a look at your project and give you a price and timeframe estimate.
What technology do Devizer consultants use?
Our projects are developed with the latest technologies like React Native, TypeScript, GraphQL and Docker. Nonetheless, we believe it is very important to decide the tech stack based on the project's requirements. As such, we always strive to use the best tool for the job.
How do we start a collaboration?
Easy! Give us a call or drop us an e-mail, and we will go from there. Start with a short summary of your project and what you expect from us. Based on this information we can schedule a meeting (online or offline) to discuss things further. We are looking forward to hearing your idea!
Does Devizer work on-site or remote?
We do consulting work both on-site and remote, but strongly prefer a mix of the two. Some work can be better be done face-to-face in a real work environment, other things are more efficiently done at home, without any distractions.
Where is Devizer located?
Devizer is located in Leuven, a small city located in Belgium. A small city where it's easy to meet a lot of young, driven, and awesome people to start new projects with. If you are from around here, make sure to get in touch!
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